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Georgie's work is heavily focused on process and material choice. A core element of her practice lies in choosing materials responsibly, considering their environmental impact and lasting effect post-use. Her work calls to question what one might consider a 'textile', adopting a multidisciplinary approach and using a broad range of materials and processes. In recent years, she's explored the potential of bio-based, natural materials within a textile application. She has created 3-dimensional work in ceramic, wood, and metal, amongst other materials. Most recently, she has created a collection of sculptural vessels from mycelium, the vegetative part of the fungus that exists below ground. The vessels aim to exhibit their potential aesthetically, compositionally and form.

Georgie's background is in multimedia textile design, graduating from Loughborough University in BA Textiles: Innovation & Design in 2022. However, she believes that an interdisciplinary approach to design is essential to create solutions to our ever-worsening climate crisis. The very definition of textiles is expanding; each area of design is becoming increasingly intertwined with scientific knowledge and processes, making use of our natural resources and systems that have existed within nature for millions of years.


Georgie hopes to expand her knowledge in bio and sustainable materials, and to continue to experiment with innovative solutions to design.

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